Yes the post’s title is horrible, we know that!

“Bounce Bitch” the new bounce track by the brazilian dj Ricardo Caminha.



It all started in 1996 when Ricardo Caminha was only four years old and make a choice that
would change his life forever, he decided to work as a musician based on his Rock n Roll roots

But in the same period of time, without discern genres really well because of his age, he used to
listen some Dance Music too on the radio and didn’t knew what kind of music was that, but in
2004 he re-discovered the Electronic Dance Music that made he remember the songs that he
used to listen on his childhood.

ricardo caminha dj producer smash the trash

By the age of 15 he started to play in small parties for friends but the game changer was in 2008
when he was invited to play on the best club of his hometown, Florian\’f3polis. From this day
forward Ricardo was pretty sure that DJing was more than a hobby, it was his life!

Collecting big clubs and crowds like Pacha Club Florianópolis and Injeção Eletrônica Festival
(one of the biggest festivals in Brazil) he started to be known for his intense energy, crowd
interaction and non stop DJ sets.

He also carries with him a residency at BOND Party Hard at Malam Club and a unforgettable
gig in a Portuguese festival called Sanjoaninas 2017 that was the best show ever on the
festival according to the audience and the promoters.







Listen to bounce bitch! Now in streaming on spotify, deezer, apple music and more!